If you have the nerve to trek out east, past I-35, towards the broken-down, drug infested, decrepit, wasteland that the natives dully refer to as “East-Austin” in search of what many from our greater established art realms refer to as “alternative spaces”, do yourself a favor and avoid the hellhole and waste of space(1) known as Co-Lab Projects, run by the “prom-king” Sean Gaulager and his gang of hipster, toked-out, Dazed & Confused cast of rejects.

Co-Lab vomits out about a show a week, where infants still learning how to use oil paints, get a chance to play grown up artist and fawn all over themselves. It’s a chance to pad their deficient CV’s, since no reputable space would foster such horrible work. For whatever reason Co-Lab (from here on out I’m just going to refer to it as So-Bad because about 100% of the time, the shows there are just that, SO-BAD!) has developed into a space for experimentation and acts as an incubator germinating new ideas! No thanks. I like my art ideas fully cooked thank you, with zero degree of failure. I go to art shows to see art, not secondary school notebook scribbles.

As far as I can see, the space works like a magnet attracting the local degenerates to rally around and hone their delinquent ideas at what has been dubbed the “largest free bar on the East-Side” like desperate flies on a newly rotted corpse. If this is community building, then its time to tear it down and start over. Tear down this dilapidated, aggrandized hype-machine before it takes root and changes the art attitude in the city.

August 19, 2014-BizarroRJHarrington

1.That MY TAX dollars supports via grants from Texas Commission on the Arts & the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division.