the East Austin sunset at 15 mph
By Claire Ruud

In 1953, Robert Rauschenberg told John Cage to drive his Model A as straight as he possibly could over about twenty feet of typewriter paper to create Automobile Tire Print. Mounted on the wall, the piece creates a thick horizon line in black house paint. Recently, Rachel Stewart has been creating landscapes of her own using tire prints. But Stewart’s tires are those of her second-hand bike and her house paints come in pastels. The landscapes she creates by riding her bike repeatedly over canvases are soft and blurry, more like Monets than the stark black print of Cage’s car tire. Last weekend at Co-Lab, Stewart removed the canvas from the work completely and created a temporary piece on the floor of the gallery, East Austin Sunset at 15 mph. It’s too late to catch this installation, but beginning November 14 during the 2009 East Austin Studio Tour, the gallery is hosting a packed schedule of events, as well as Dominique Vyborny and Jake Lenahan’s installation The Southern Porch.