GOOD MOURNING TIS OF THEE (Salon Gallery Installation)

Exhibition and Installation at DEMO Gallery
October 13-November 2, 2017

Curated by Alyssa Taylor Wendt and Sean Gaulager

Good Mourning, Tis of Thee is a visual art installation with performance, written and directed by the multimedia Austin artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt. This interactive experience will address topical issues such as architecture, development, displacement, cultural significance, death and transformation and utilize both local artists and performers from Texas and around the country. Staged in a historic space in downtown Austin currently being using by Co-Lab Projects as their gallery space, visitors will be able to move around the space at their own free will through areas devoted to themes of grief, chaos, death, mourning and transformation. This innovative project will incorporate excellent visuals, stunning talent and provocative cultural issues that Austin is currently facing as a growing metropolis and the show will ultimately be demolished with the building at the conclusion of the exhibition.

In addition to the larger installations and performances, the artist and Co-Lab Projects will be curating a salon-style “gallery” within the exhibition. Focusing on 2D work that addresses the given themes of melancholy, death and transformation, they want to include a wide variety of works that will create a contemplative space, a Bardo Lounge of sorts.

Please fill out the submission form and include jpegs of works for consideration by July 30th. All the work will be for sale and exhibited throughout the run of the show.

The artists will be responsible for dropping off or shipping their work to Texas and will receive 60% of any sales. The curators will pay for return shipping, if unsold.

Please fill out the application below and include images of 2D works only for possible inclusion in the salon gallery. Max dimensions: 48" on longest side.



To upload images please make sure flash is updated and enabled