Caitlin Greenwood

When Co-Lab’s board of directors was approached by Nelsen Partners to outfit their downtown office space with curated shows designed to compliment the architecture firm’s exemplary resume and entice their clientele, they seized the opportunity to expand their operation into the downtown sector; N Space was born. 

In a discussion with Co-Lab’s head curator Sean Gaulager, the topic of Mark Johnson as the first artist to represent N Space was raised. "We saw Mark as an artist that offered offered architecturally challenging work that would appeal to the interest of Nelsen’s clientele. In meeting with all of the board members, we compiled artists we saw fit to introduce in this space and Mark was on a very short list of contenders. The answer was very clear to us then.”

Co-Lab Projects has adopted a demanding, almost exhaustive set of future goals. With projects at hand to curate public art pieces, continue their annual catalog, and acquaint Austin with new art education initiatives, it becomes readily apparent that the efforts encouraged by Gaulager and his staff are earnest and are bound to be successful. With N Space, Co-Lab Projects has broken free from a distinct location in an effort to perpetuate its mission encouraging growth, community involvement, and providing opportunities for education within Austin’s art scene. Gaulager states, “We strive to be humble, open, compelling, and anti-hierarchical.”